Friday, June 17, 2011

It's Summer... For My Blog Too!

School is over, sun is shining, holidays are being planned and I find less time to blog.

I have a couple of Custom orders to finish and all my inspiration goes there.

I've just started my "Spring Cleaning"... a bit late this year, I'm usually done in June but we had to wait for the painter... we needed a fresh coat of paint on our walls and we are both too lazy to do it ourselves.
The fact that my daughter was at home the day I cleaned and decluttered her bedroom was a great thing: she worked the whole day sorting books, toys, clutter, dedusting, washing, finding a new place for things...
She was so proud in the evening and she keeps saying that she loves her room!
As prize for her good job and for a fantastic school year, yesterday we had a trip to an amusement park: just the two of us. We had a great time and I'm thinking about going to Venice with her soon (well, Venice is just an hour or so away from my town, so it's not a long trip!).

For all these reasons, I am finding it difficult to blog. If posts are not as frequent as before for the next couple of months it's just that I'm taking a little time for my daughter, for the family, for the home and hopefully for some travelling.
I'll have my posts for the Paper Playtime digi Monday challenge (don't miss the June Challenge on Monday 27) and maybe I'll be able to make some new cards when Spring Cleaning is over and I'll manage to sit down and spend some time crafting with my daughter. She looks forward to it: in summer, we usually take in a table we keep on our small balcony, open it in the living room and craft while watching inspiring TV craft programs or romantic movies.

 I'll be back soon with more frequent posts, refreshed and hopefully inspired.

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