Friday, February 10, 2012

Buried under Snow...

These last 10 days have one thing in common: SNOW!
In our region it doesn't snow too much, I remember years without snow for the whole winter. These past few years were quite snowy and this is probably the snowiest of all!
It all started on Tuesday Jan. 31: it began slowly but, after weeks of warm weather, we were quite happy to see snow. It ended after 48 hours: cars buried under tons of snow, school closed for several days, everything was a real chaos!
It stopped for a while but than again, the whole weekend was spent looking out of the windows: it seems that the last heavy snowfall here was back in 1985 and I don't remember it.
Well, this morning I opened my email and read that it was suggested to collect kids from school at 11.30 because from 12.00 a snowstorm will start for another 36 hours... no, not again!

My sister had a baby last week: she lives in Milan but the conditions of roads and trains is so poor that I haven't managed to meet my nephew yet and it seems that this weekend it'll be impossible to go there...

Luckily enough, the last two days were sunny so the postman delivered some of my orders, amongst which four sets of new stamps from Torico I ordered from There She Goes stamps! I was looking forward to seeing them and now I think I'll work with them during the weekend!

Talking about Torico, as a daily reader of her blog, I discovered that she is sponsoring a challenge and I created this:
I love these pears and they were perfect for this little magnetic notepad, useful in the kitchen, near the telephone or wherever you need to jot down notes.
I've put in on a new metal shelf I bought from Ikea for my craft table and it looks so pretty!
Maybe I'll keep it for me...

The image is a freebie from Birdie Brown on Etsy and I'm entering the following Challenges:



Well... I think that right now I could say that Snow is all around rather then love but in a few days it'll be Valentine day so let's celebrate!


  1. It's so cute. Thanks for joining us at Do You Stack Up.


  2. Such an adorable notepad.
    Thanks for joining us at Sarah Hurley's Challenge Blog.
    Emma x

  3. This is oh so sweet! So nice to find another Torico fan!!