Friday, August 22, 2014


While summer is coming to an end, I regret I haven't gone to the seaside this year.
We are not far from the sea, not the most beautiful sea in the world but it's one hour drive from home so it's worth going there even for a day.
For years my daughter and I used to spend a couple of weeks at the seaside with my mum.
The first year she was six months.
The second year she could walk and the first day, while putting her feet on the sand, she started crying... she then understood it was nice to walk on the beach...
Another year she fell while jumping on a wave and she cried out loud for she had swallowed some water.
After a few years, she read me little books while waiting for the time to go and have lunch.
We didn't go for a couple of years and, in July, my daughter went there again with my mum, my sister and her cousins: she prepared her suitcase and I waved her goodbye. She didn't want to take her toys to play in the sand, she now swims like a pro and she probably reads better than me...
Ours was a yearly vacation, we knew we would have gone and every year there was something new to discover and something old to remember.
Although it was not "my vacation" I enjoyed the time I spent with my daughter, teaching her new things, reading her bedtime stories and waiting for dad when he reached us for the weekend.
This is why I chose this stamp and made this card:
This little girl reminds me of my daughter playing at the seaside and enjoying the water with her floatie bear!

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