Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I Love Dots!

I really love dots!

I always add dots to dresses or backgrounds when I paint and create something. A real girly girl dress is pink with white dots, an elegant bride's dress is washed white with white dots, a boy's tie is blue with white dots...

Last weekend we spent a day at the Aquarium in Genoa and I managed to take some pictures of fish, penguins, turtles and seals. They are not great pictures but this one is very beautiful and... dotty!

This jellyfish is incredible! There were so many in that basin, with their wonderful dots, they seemed like flying in the water, gentle and soft.

My daughter loved them too but the fact that they hurt if you touch them did not convince her of their absolute beauty.

So, something different for today's post.

Back to cards, yesterday I painted a new stamp with two adorable snowmen and I hope to be able to mount it on a card and post its picture tomorrow. I'm so happy with the result, I love it!

Have a nice day!

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