Saturday, January 7, 2012

In Desperate Need of Order

Now that holidays are over here too, I definitely need to start decluttering my craft room...

I used to reorganize it at least every two years with some quick clean up in between but now it's been a while since my last deep cleaning and clutter has increased without control.

Less time and a change in my craft habits mean that I need to do it with lots of attention and dedicated work.

I used to be a painter and my craft room was organized so that I had wood pieces easy to be found, paints well in order, brushes on the table, water always available, rugs ready for a quick clean of my brushes and spots, painting books divided by author.

A couple of years ago, I closed my eBay shop and decided to move towards card making: now I have cards, inks, stamps, papers, Copics, glitters, embellishments... to store and space is still the same.

For this reason, a quick after-Christmas clean-up is not enough. I need to take boxes down from the shelves, open them and take some difficult decisions: some things need to be thrown away. I still keep some books and notes from my high school and university years, paper work from my previous jobs, books and teacher's material from my teaching years, old photos, magazines, cross-stitch books from when I still lived at my parents' and spent hours stitching with my mom.

Even if some of these things may still be useful, some other are now out of fashion or out of my current taste or simply can be stored in the basement.

I have taken a few photos of my craft room at the moment but I'm so ashamed of its state that I cannot show them on the blog! I can hardly walk in or put a ladder in front of the bookshelf to take things down...

In any case, I've some clear ideas on a few things:

1.I don't want - or need - to buy new containers for storage

2.I don't want to drill holes in the wall

3.I want to part with all the things I don't like

4.I could reduce my stash: keep some items for me and sell/give away the exceeding amount

5. If I ever have an idea to create something from items I find during the cleaning process, I must write it down so that I won't forget it. The same with storage containers I may find along the way which can be revamped and be more pretty!

I'm a bit overwhelmed by the amount of work I have to do and by the amount of dust. When I have a look at those incredibly organized craft rooms full of containers, boxes, vases, jars, etc. I wonder how frequently they dust. Dust is my worst enemy, I really never conquer it!

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