Friday, January 20, 2012

OOhh... How Cute!

A couple of days ago I found a lovely freebie in one of my favourite blogs Birdie Brown and I immediately realized I could make some tiny cards with them:
Aren't they sweet?
In 2011 I bought some stamps from her shop on Etsy which I used for party decorations but I did not send a picture to her to show them.

I've had these pretty mini cards and envelopes in various colors for a while but they are so tiny I couldn't find something suitable for them. When I printed the pears I headed for them all and chose this bright green: a bit out of the usual Valentine color scheme but perfect for my pears!

In addition, I've had ideas for cards and other sweet little creations with Birdie Brown stamps, so stay tuned!

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  1. These are simple but so cute! Thank you for sharing.:)