Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

dear readers and followers!

I know, I know I've been a bad blogger in December but I've been busy creating cards, invitations and favors for my daughter's birthday party, making and looking for gifts, decorating for the holidays...


I'm planning great things (at least for me) for these first months of 2012: I'm already making my new year's resolutions which include taking my brushes out again and paint a new line of pretty plaques for the home, making new cards, creating photo albums and... cleaning my studio.

This last will be a very hard task to accomplish, it's in such a mess! But I I need to learn to let things go and this will probably be the most difficult of things.

I'm planning to post my progress here on the blog: I discovered a few blogs dealing with decluttering and found lots of inspiring crafts studios on the web and somehow I look forward to starting this adventure.

Holidays here in Italy have an end on January 6, when we put decorations and Christmas things away. School will start on January 9 so, until then, I don't think I have time to start.

Meanwhile, I'm also thinking about new cards for my Etsy shop and I'm avidly waiting for new realeases in digi and rubber stamps.

One of these new releases is going to be from Tiddly Inks: have you seen the new badge on the sidebar? Isn't she cute? I really look forward to seeing Wryn and her friends!

Well, that's all for now!

HAPPY 2012!

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