Monday, May 14, 2012

Pure Cuteness

Happy Monday!

First of all, I'd like to thank all the visitors fromTSG Mother of All Blog Hops: you left such sweet comments, I didn't expect such a response to my card.
And welcome to the new followers!

These days last year I was making favour tags for a wedding: she was a Customer from my Etsy shop and she asked me to prepare tags to be added to her wedding favours. I also made a matching Tableau de Mariage and really had so much fun!

Yesterday, I finished the tags she asked me for the birth of her little girl!
It's incredible to be part of a wedding, somewhere far away from your town, thinking about people touching and taking home something I've made.
But it's even more incredible to be part of a birth!

She saw a daisy in my shop and we made tags to be added to favors. I started with this:

Aren't they cute! I had two trays like this one full of freshly glittered daisies and I couldn't help taking a picture of them!
Then, I ended up with this: 

The daisy digi stamp is from Birdie Brown. Tags were made with colors matching chevron bags my Customer had bought and will be attached to the bags by means of wooden pegs.
If she send me a picture of the finished favors, I'll post it here for sure!

Little Maia was born last Friday, so my best wishes to this blessed family!

And: Benvenuta Maia!


  1. Ooooooh!! Such cute tags!! Love the glitter you added.
    Thank you for sharing!

  2. wow awesome tags. Loved them. You made them so attractive.

  3. I am surely gonna try your tags.. fall in love with them. Your blog is awesome. Keep going. your 13th follower.