Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Well... I'm Ready!

One of the reasons I entered only few challenges these past weeks is that I was working on a Custom order, my first order from the blog.

A lovely girl asked me to make some decorations for her daughter's first birthday.

I've worked very often for weddings (cards, invitations, favors, tags, place cards, tableaux de mariage, etc.) but it's the first time I approach the birthday theme.

It's been a long journey: I'm rarely completely satisfied of the result when I create something but I usually manage to change a little something and like it. This time I cut, glued, threw away, printed, cut again, glittered, assembled and disassembled my creations so many times I've lost the count!

But this morning I finally manage to be satisfied with every piece I had created and in a little while I'll send the pictures to my customer...

For this reason, this afternoon I've had a spare hour to make a card for a weekly challenge I love:

They gave us this adorable basket as participants in last week's challenge and the mission was to create something with mum in mind and with lace and flowers.
The doily is glued in the center only, for I wanted it to be... well, I don't know how to translate the word I have in mind (maybe "wavy"?) and I wanted to use purples instead of reds for the hearts with a touch of green (the basket is green, not yellow as it appears on the computer...).

Well, better go and send the pictures of my birthday creations... I'll keep my fingers crossed.


  1. Very pretty. I love the colors that you chose to do this.

  2. Super adorable! Love the doiley and the way you colored the image :) Thanks for playing along at the Hoedown!