Saturday, June 9, 2012

Time for Picnics

It's June!

It's almost summer!

We had a terrible May: rain, cold and... earthquakes!

We are not sure that earthquakes are over but at least it's hot and sunny!

My daughter's school closed sooner than expected because the earthquakes damaged the building and it was not safe. Luckily enough, and with a great effort, teachers managed to organize the end-of-school party at a nearby garden yesterday so we could "close" this school year in a happy and cheerful way.

Kids were a bit impressed when they experienced the earthquake while in class and I thought that celebrating the start of summer vacation in a "normal" way was positive for them.
We left early beacuse we had to attend a 3-hour dance lesson and we missed the picnic on the grass but I'd like to make a few picnics this summer, just to have fun and relax.

A few days ago I made this card for Broken Box Stock:

Summer = Picnics = red & white tablecloth = ants...

I love this Picnic Toodle (it's available in black and white and in color too, if you need a quick make)!
She is probably not allergic like me, she doesn't start sneezing as soon as she arrives in a park and her eyes don't become big, red and full of tears like mine.

But spring should be over in a few days and maybe I'll be able to go and relax on the grass without tons of hankies!

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