Friday, November 12, 2010

It's F R I D A Y !

It's finally Friday... the week is "over".
I LOVE Friday night! Not that I go out with friends or do something special every Friday but I love the fact that tomorrow morning we can wake up and not hurry!

I spent the very few free hours of these last two days coloring stamps.
Yesterday I was not in the mood for Christmas so I colored wedding and birthday stamps and today I returned to the Christmas theme and colored my new stamps from Little Claire.

Ohhh! I love them and I look forward to mount them on cards and show them here in my new blog! I was so happy wih the result that I painted three so I can use them for cards in the shop and for my family as well!!!

The only regret I have is that scrapbooking papers are hard to find here in my town so I never have the right paper on hand - or at least the papers I have in mind - and I'm not too happy of the finished cards.

Well... it's Friday night but pizza needs me to go in the oven and my daughter is soooo hungry!!!

Have a nice Friday night!

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