Monday, November 15, 2010

A new week!

Hello everyone!

A new week has just started and I'm soooo happy!

Is there anything better than start the week with a big sale in my Etsy shop???

A very nice lady from Singapore bought a card, some tags and even two new notebooks I had just put for sale. She is a returning Customer so I'm even happier because it means she loved her first purchase.


She bought the card with the two mice which I posted on the blog a few days ago and which was my first card ever submitted to a challenge. I really loved it and it was a bit sad to let it go but I can always make another one, right?

My week usually starts with house cleaning chores and I don't like it at all but this morning I was so happy I didn't even notice that I was cleaning.

Even better, I have a couple of hours to finish some cards I started last week, both for my shop and to submit to some challenges.

Stay tuned!

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