Friday, November 19, 2010

A Toast to Friendship

Last night I was finishing a card for a challenge when I decided to color a digi I had recently bought from Bugaboo Stamps.

Once finished, I mounted it on a card and thought about a sentiment.

A Toast to Friendship seemed the most appropriate.

Yesterday I spent a couple of wonderful hours with an old friend of mine. We met for a coffee and some talk exactly 17 years after our graduation from university and 10 years after our last pizza together.

We first met 20+ years ago while attending university here in my town and we became very close friends. For years we shared our happy and sad moments, our doubts and hopes, our books and notes. When we graduated from university with a degree in English Literature we also shared many dreams about the future.

We started two different jobs, we lived in different towns and our friendship did not manage to keep the pace of our new challenges and commitments.

We lost each other for 10 years and we met last April by chance in a shop while we both were trying to relax before attending tiring meetings.

6 months later we sat down, had a couple of coffees and spent two hours remembering, sharing thoughts, sadness and happiness, two hours that really flew away.

She has fulfilled our common dream to become a teacher of English, we both have kids, we are grown-ups now but it was as if no time had passed at all.

She has always been my best friend deep in my heart, THE FRIEND, the one you can talk to for hours, you can confess your worst sin and your most stupid dream, without the fear of being judged or mocked.

We still live in different towns and have a completely different life but we promised to keep in touch and have other coffees and hours together.

That's why A Toast to Friendship seemed the most appropriate sentiment for my card.

Have a happy Friday!

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