Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy 2011!

Welcome 2011!!

Even if holidays in Italy are not yet over and we still have our Christmas tree on, today I started thinking about the "after".

I adore the months from September to December but I do hate January, February and even March. Days are still short, cold and there's no more Christmas presents or decorations to think about. So, I generally make plans and think about clearing out my craft room. This year I need to go further and have a clear out of the entire house.

While reading my favourite blogs this morning, I happened to read an insteresting post with some New Year resolutions which sound familiar to me.

The blog is the lovely Bloggabella ( and I borrow some resolutions from her post because her English is for sure perfect while mine is not.

live simply. “collect less”.. use what i have MORE.. and enjoy the simple things.  PURGE and CLEAN the stuff I don’t need and reorganize

be more ORGANIZED.  I think this will be my biggest hurdle LOL

be healthy. Kick some bad habits and adopt some good ones.  I would usually say LOSE WEIGHT LOSE WEIGHT LOSE WEIGHT.  I am going to alter my focus and focus on HEALTH in general.. the rest should come by naturally (we can only hope!) LOL

While I really need to collect less, purge and clean my craft room and reorganize (and stay organized) I'm not too obsessed by weight but yes, every now and then I think about losing some kilos. Actually, I already started being more healthy back in October when I finally decided to have a go and start swimming again. And trust me, I feel great!

Every January, once Christmas decorations, gift wraps, glitter and trimmings have gone I start to feel the need to throw away old things and make space. Generally, I think about making space for something new but this year I need to make space for nothing, just to enjoy the space. Am I becoming a minimalist as my sister is?
I really feel a bit overwhelmed by the stuff accumulated in our home and I hope I'll be able to let old things go without becoming too emotional...

Anyway, today I've made a card for my mom's birthday but I haven't the picture yet so I'll post it in the next few days. It's been a while since I last sit down in my craft room to make a card and I really enjoyed it so I may add a couple of resolutions to my list:

make a card every day: be creative, take part in the wonderful challenges around the web and hopefully win at least one!

paint at least once a week: I used to paint wood pieces for my ebay shop but when I closed it painting was no more a priority. Recently, I've taken my brushes out of their storage to paint some little plaques and I've found out that I miss that!

That's all for the new year resolutions!
Again, my best wishes for a wonderful 2011!

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