Sunday, March 13, 2011


Stupid accidents are sometimes very helpful!

The other day I was reaching for my ribbon box which is tucked away on a high shelf behind a couple of small containers full of drawers.
As usual, I was carefully removing the first container when four drawers fell down: thousands of tiny, medium and large colored star sequins got out of them towards me and down on the floor.
It was not the first time, hence my being extremely careful while moving it but maybe I was not careful enough and all of a sudden I found myself covered with colorful stars.
Luckily enough my daughter still has fun helping mom when she does these "disasters" so she helped a lot. All the stars were collected in a temporary plastic container before going each in its drawer (I'm considering to put them all in one drawer...).

Yesterday I was finishing a card with a Moon theme and I was using a paper full of stars behind my digi. I was thinking about putting some star rhinestones on this paper to embellish it when I realized I could use the fallen stars. They were there, on my table, easy to reach and perfect for my card! I'm sure I would have never thought about using them if they hadn't fallen on the floor...

Here's my card:

The digi stamp is from Pollycraft and it's colored with watercolor pencils and glitter for the wings. The star paper is a VERY VERY old paper from Sizzix and then, my little stars.

This card is meant for a dear friend and for a challenge: Pollycraft Challenge # 83. The theme is "Fly Me to the Moon" and I really wish I could fly my friend to the moon in such a delicate period of her life.

That's all for this rainy Sunday!

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  1. A wonderful card love all the sequinned stars. I know how that feels when our tiny embellies end up all over the

    Thanks for joining us this week for our challenge over at Pollycraft.


    Joanne xx